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Technology Behind WakeMAKERS UniversalFIT Rear Bags


The WakeMAKERS UniversalFIT Rear Bags offer the affordability of a standard off-the-shelf ballast bag while providing a more exact fit to your rear locker space that can only be found in custom built ballast bags. Offered in 15 different size dimensions, there is sure to be a WakeMAKERS UniversalFIT Rear Bag that truly fits your boat's rear locker space.

When asked about the reason for creating the UniveralFIT Rear bags, WakeMAKERS President Jason Craveiro explained "we looked at the products that we had available to serve our customers and realized there was a huge hole. The bags that were offered simply don't fit well in many boats. That led to the idea for a line of modular ballast bags that are offered in incremental sizes so that we can achieve a nearly custom fit in almost any v-drive boat."

Jason goes on to add "once you look at it from that perspective you realize there is a huge opportunity to fundamentally change the design of the bag to make it fit better in the specific location it is designed for. Add in industry leading technology like our 1" Dry-Lok ports and 1" welded seam, and you have combined the best fitting bags with the highest quality products to get the most capacity in the boat."




Standard aftermarket ballast bags feature a square or rectangular shape that doesn't match the true contoured shape of the rear lockers in v-drive boats. Many of these bags aren't able to be filled up to maximum capacity when placed in the rear locker storage because the shape of the bag doesn't match the shape of the locker space.

Many of the larger v-drive ballast bags are 50 inches long. However, most rear locker spaces in v-drive boats vary from 30-50 inches in length. What happens is when the bag begins filling it extends into the empty space below the seating area. Once it fills to the height of the seat the bag must begin contouring to the shape of the rear locker. The result is the bag cannot expand to its full shape and is now unable to reach its full weight capacity.

It is better to have a 750 lb. ballast bag that can be filled to maximum capacity than a 900 lb. ballast bag that can only be filled to 80% capacity (720 lbs). It is a common belief with ballast bags that bigger is always better. However, if the bag dimensions don't match the dimensions of the storage area bigger isn't always better.


Our UniversalFIT Rear bags have a unique design that mimics the shape of most rear lockers on v-drive boats, getting wider at the top, with a sloped front panel. Combined with an array of sizes that come in 5" increments, an off-the-shelf ballast bag can now have a nearly perfect fit in your boat.


WakeMAKERS UniveralFIT Rear Technology

Every aspect of these ballast bags are designed and built to create the best possible experience for you. From a customized fit to higher performance, you will notice the difference with a WakeMAKERS UniveralFIT Rear ballast bag.

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Note: There are no included fittings or plugs with UniversalFIT Ballast Bags. Please make sure to order a total of five fittings and/or plugs for each bag.


Made in the USA

Like all WakeMAKERS ballast bags, our UniversalFIT line is designed, engineered, and built at the WakeMAKERS HQ in Bend, Oregon. This allows us to ensure that each and every ballast bag is built to exact specs and offers the highest level of performance.

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