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WakeMAKERS goes to Radar Lake

Radar Lake is a magical place, and we are lucky enough to get to visit each summer. This year we headed up to Radar, just outside of Seattle WA, to check out the latest in surf and wake from Ronix.

The drive from SeaTac Airport to Radar Lake feels like you are going through any normal neighborhood in suburban America, but as soon as you open up the gates and head into the compound you can tell you aren't in suburbia anymore... you're at the mecca for watersports, and it's going to be an amazing couple of days!

We watched Jake Pelot and Tyler Higham kill it on their new pro model wakeboard the Supreme, rode the 2020 wakesurf line at beautiful Lake Sammamish and had a blast catching up with other dealers from around the world. Did we mention the sunsets at Radar are unreal?

Check out the 2020 Ronix line.

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