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Wakeboard Rope and Handle Buyer's Guide

Choosing Your Next Wakeboard Rope & Handle

Beginner Wakeboarders often overlook the importance of having a comfortable handle and non-stretch rope when they go looking for a wakeboard rope and handle combo. The wakeboard handle and line are your connection to the boat so it's important to make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Your ski rope from '88 won't do the trick if you are serious about having a good time on the water. wakeboard-handle

Wakeboarding Handle Basics

Wakeboard handles are typically 13"-15" inches wide. The extra width helps with handle passes during tricks. There are lots of options in different sizes and materials. Find one that feels comfortable to you and provides ample grip.

Wakeboarding Rope/Line Basics

Wakeboard ropes are constructed of a non-stretch material and vary in length from 55-80 feet. Most ropes have 5' sections that allow you to quickly and easily adjust the length so different riders can use the same rope. As you progress and get better at clearing the wake you will want to gradually increase the length of your wakeboard rope.


Beginners that are just learning how to jump and clear the wake will want a shorter rope. This will put them closer to the boat where the wake isn't as wide (easier to clear). More advanced riders will want to be further from the boat. This will give you more space to edge out, pick up more speed, and attack the wake harder. The further back the rider is, the wider the wake will be and hence more air time. This is crucial to stomping more advanced tricks.

Wakeboarding Rope Materials

It is fairly simple. You need one that doesn't stretch! Other ropes such as waterski and tube ropes have too much stretch in them. Stretch in the rope is bad while wakeboarding. You want a rope that will remain the same length.


Dyneema ropes are exceptionally strong and lightweight. This material is popular in the higher end wakeboard ropes. Dyneema lines are as strong as wire rope, neutrally buoyant, and have excellent resistance against UV rays.


Solin ropes offer similar tensile strength to Dyneema lines. They are less expensive then Dyneema because they don't float as well as the higher-end ropes. These ropes can sit below the water surface and get tangled in the prop.


PE mainlines are't as strong as dyneema and solin lines and have some stretch to them. We recommend buying a solin or dyneema line if you can because it will last longer and will make your riding experience more enjoyable.

Wakeboarding Handle Materials and Shapes

Handles come in a variety of different materials and shapes. Some of the most common handle grips include EVA foam, leather, and other hybrid materials. Regarding the shape, you want to make sure the diameter of the grip is comfortable in your hand. Smaller diameter grips work better for women, kids, or people with smaller hands. A wakeboard handle with a larger diameter grip will work better for men and people with bigger hands.

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