Top 10 Wakesurf Boards & Wakesurfers of 2024

10 best wakesurf boards in 2023

Top 10 Wakesurf Boards this Year

Wakesurfing continues to gain popularity year after year, and for good reason. It offers a fun and accessible experience for both seasoned riders and beginners looking to try their hand at dropping the rope and riding the waves. Looking for an enjoyable activity the whole family can enjoy? Wakesurfing delivers. Want to experience some Type-II fun with friends? Grab a wakesurfer.

As the sport evolves, board manufacturers are stepping up their game, introducing new technologies and designs to cater to riders of all levels. In this article, we have carefully selected and reviewed the top 10 wakesurf boards and wakesurfers of 2024 to help you find the perfect wakesurf board for your needs.

best wakesurf boards this year

10 Best Wakesurf Boards in 2024

Ronix Carbon Air Core 3:

There's a reason the Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 has landed at the top of our list again. This best-selling high-end skimmer is built to open up a whole new spectrum of tricks for more advanced riders that enjoy driving the rail and putting on the gas. It is comprised of fully machined, Italian imported, Air Core 3 lightweight foam that packs more punch than your traditional surf foam. Both the men's and women's versions are wrapped with a full top and bottom carbon construction, so a rider can ollie higher and cut harder. This quick-to-react core is designed with a sharper rail for more contact through the waterline. Perfect your ollie, session easier shuv its, and rotate easier 360’s with this beloved board. 

Original Price: $749.99

Liquid Force Quest:

The Liquid Force Quest Wakesurf Board is a surf style board with skim style crisp rails that bite into the wake for carving and release smoothly to make 360s easier to spin. The Carbon Innegra laminate top-sheet makes for a feather light ultra-responsive surfer that can handle the impact of your foot driving down when you're landing tricks. The forward mounted twin carbon honeycomb fins allow the Quest to break free easier at the top of the wave for the perfect cutback, and the kick pad on top of the board provides more control. Intermediate to advanced surf riders will appreciate the speed and maneuverability this board offers.

Original Price: $1,099.99

Hyperlite Smoke Wagon:

The Hyperlite Smoke Wagon is the ultimate skim style wakesurf board for the big and tall fellas, offering excellent speed on any wave size. Available in 56” and 58”, it features a wide swallow tail design for added push and minimal rocker height for great down-the-line speed. The lightweight Carbon Construction with Nova Core ensures maneuverability, while the Machined EVA Traction provides solid edge control. Equipped with the Solo Skim Fin, the Smokewagon allows for fast lines and easy spins, making it perfect for advanced tricks.

Original Price: $949.99

new liquid force primo

Coming soon - Liquid Force Primo w/Straps:

The newly updated Primo Wakesurf Board features a narrower width and thicker tail for enhanced push, drive, and easier edge-to-edge rolling. It offers versatility with its unique fin configuration, allowing you to ride it as a Twin or Skim with included surf and skim fins. Foot straps are also included, aiding in foot placement for newer riders or more intermediate riders trying out new tricks. Built with bomb-proof Dura-Surf construction, the Primo is designed to withstand any challenge. Bonus: Liquid Force makes a Primo Jr. that's perfect for kiddos out on their first ride or learning new skills.

Original Price: $539.99

Ronix Koal Classic Fish:

The Ronix Koal Classic Fish is a versatile wakesurf board with a timeless design, featuring a clean bottom, fast rockerline, and smooth rails. Its swallowtail Fish profile allows for loose, responsive riding and easy bottom turns. Ideal for all styles and abilities, it offers recreational ease and stability, perfect for inland wake surfers. Wrapped in wood laminates for improved dampening, the Koal Classic provides smooth, predictable arcs for a floaty surf feel and is available in both men's and women's models.

Original Price: $699.99

Liquid Force Rocket:

We sell a lot of Liquid Force's Rocket because it is hands down, the best entry-level wakesurf board on the market. The Rocket provides unmatched stability and confidence for all riders. Its winged swallow tail design and single-to-double concave hull ensure a smooth, flowing glide. The Rocket can be ridden as a twin "fish" or a thruster (pop in that 3rd fin) for added drive. Its wide forebody and tail offer forward projection, helping surfers quickly find the pocket. The swallow tail design adds lift, ensuring smooth, efficient glide speed and minimizing bogging down on smaller wakes.

Original Price: $359.99

Hyperlite Shim:

The Hyperlite SHIM is a best of both worlds board that delivers skim and surf style riding for all riders aiming to elevate their skills and have a good time. The SHIM comes with 2 – 3.5” Torq Fins and 1 – 1.5” Fish Fin for versatility and adaptability to the rider. Newer to surfing? The tri-fin setup is ideal for surfers of all ability levels, as the 3rd (or center fin) provides additional stability and maneuverability. More experienced riders can remove the outside fins and ride just the center fin so the board breaks free with easy for skim style maneuvers. Its fast rocker and shorter profile provide excellent speed and maneuverability for rotational and air tricks. The DuraShell Construction offers the buoyancy of a high-end EPS board with the durability of a compression-molded shape. BONUS: Hyperlite makes a Shim Jr. that is a grom-sized version for kiddos looking to level up their riding with the same level of quality, durability, and flexibility to grow with the board.

Original Price: $599.99.

Hyperlite Condor:

A new board we're most excited for is Hyperlite’s Condor wakesurfer. This is a speedy hybrid shape perfect for more experienced surfers who enjoy both skim-style shuvits and snappy carves. The Condor offers the volume for a surf feel and a sharp rail at the tail for an instant skim response. Utilizing exclusive Varial foam and infused glass technology, this board is so strong, rigid, and lightweight that it doesn't even need a stringer. Made in the USA, it features Futures Fin Boxes and aerospace-grade, UV-resistant, and temperature-tolerant materials. It's an incredibly engineered board that maintains a lot of speed down the line with a wide tail for maximum pop off the wake and a nose shaped for added control while in switch position. 

Original Price: $1429.99.

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Fish for Girls and Boys:

The Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Fish, available in girls' and boys' versions, is an all-around wakesurf board for kids. Featuring a fun fish profile and deep swallow tail, this board is great for all levels for making easy lip tricks and strong bottom turn drive. Ronix's Super Sonic construction is durable and buoyant, making it easier for deep water starts and less prone to dings (parent approved!). It comes with a performance award sticker pack to encourage young surfers to learn new tricks and add a little more fun to the summer.

Original Price: $349.99.

Liquid Force Vice:

The Liquid Force Vice is designed for big airs and shuv-it variations, making it the perfect vessel for more advanced riders. Built with a precision milled EPS foam core, a wood stringer reinforced with a carbon stringer, and a carbon innegra deck, it’s stronger, lighter, and more responsive than ever. If you land with your heel off a big trick, no problem, this board can take it. The round tail shape allows for quick, responsive turns and easy trick initiation. The single concave running from tip to tail down the board makes it incredibly fast and gives you a lot of drive down the line, while the crisp rails give you a sharp bite on the wake and a quick release. Get ready to send it with the Vice.

Original Price: $849.99

This year, wakesurf board manufacturers like Liquid Force, Ronix, Hyperlite, and more have brought forth a range of exceptional boards catering to different riding styles and ability levels. The advancements in construction and design have resulted in lighter, more agile, and high-performance wakesurfers. Choose a wakesurf board that aligns with your style, ability level, and preferences, and get ready to have more fun on the water.

As always, if you need a little more info for deciding between boards, our Product Advisors are available to help you out. Give us a call at (888) 338-6085 or email

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