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Tige Announces Amazing MyWake Global Wake/Skate/Surf Contest

Why it's taken so long for this idea to come to fruition we have no idea, but thankfully Tige has made it happen. MyWake is a global wake riding contest that allows wakeboarders, wakeskaters and wakesurfers from across the planet to compete against one another behind their own boat's, without leaving the comfort of their home stomping grounds.

Here's a rundown of the details, just incase you don't want to watch the video:

  • Film yourself behind your own boat on a wakeboard, wakeskate or surf board.
  • Submit your best uninterrupted (it's gotta be one continuous shot) of up to three minutes.
  • You'll be ranked (although it doesn't say by who, but presumably other riders).
  • The top riders in each pro-category division will win a trip to an "exotic" location to ride with some of the sports biggest pros.

So what are you waiting for (besides maybe the ice to melt)? It's time to start practicing your moves and polishing your video skills. Need a little ballast help to make sure you have the best platform to perform your run on? Contact us, or shop for wakeboard ballast here to make sure your gear isn't holding you back.

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