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The Ronix El Von Videl Schnook Utility Nu Core Wakeboard

Snowboarders take note -- The 2014 El Von Videl Schnook Utility Nu Core gives you a delayed release off the wake just like a snowboard launching off a kicker. The biggest difference between this years model and last years is the addition of the interwoven carbon fiberglass. For every 5 strands of fiberglass their is 1 strand of carbon blended together inside the board. This new technology gives the board more snap off the wake because carbon is more reactive than wood, while maintaining a snowboard-esque release off the wake or at the cable park.

The 2014 El Von Videl Schnook was tested by some of the worlds best wakeboarders at the Lake Ronix Aquatic Research facility. As riders sessioned the El Von behind the boat they started asking for a bit more snap off the wake without sacrificing the snowboard like feel. The result is the 2014 Nu Core version of the El Von Videl Schnook. If you spend more time at the cable park than behind a V-drive boat you may want to check out theEl Von Cable Nu Core.

Flex Rating: 6 (Medium Flex)

Best Binding to Pair With: Ronix One Wakeboard Bindings (Green)

Pro Riders: Dominik Hernler, Szebasztian Szolath, Austin Pratt

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