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Installing Exile Wakeboard Tower Speakers

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Installing the Exile SXT9Q and XM9 Wakeboard Tower Speakers

One of the most common questions we get from customers who've recently purchased Exile speakers is "How do I install my new Exile Wakeboard Tower Speakers"

The XM9 series tower speakers from Exile Audio are designed for wakeboarding and other water sports where sound needs to reach distances up to 80 feet behind the boat. The only way to project sound at that distance is with a HLCD "horn". By manipulating the way a sound wave articulates, riders behind the boat can listen to crystal clear audio without missing a beat.

For 2014 both the SXT9Q's and XM9's feature a Quick Release Mount system with adjustable clamps that are fully-rotatable for 360 degrees of sound (the universal round clamp will fit most tower sizes 1 7/8"-2 1/2"). Installation for all Exile wakeboard tower speakers is the same and most people can do it with a few tools and the right wiring.

One of the reasons why we chose Exile Tower Speakers was due to the ease of installation on our 2004 Malibu VLX. The factory installed Titan Series II tower already had OEM Titan Alpha I speakers and wiring running internally. It was super-fast and simple to install XM9's with their "quick release/rotational" clamping system. If you have a tube tower within the 1 7/8"-2 1/2" range installing the XM series of tower speakers is a breeze.

NEW for 2014, the XM series and SXT9Q's feature stainless steel clamps.

Exile Tube Tower Installation

Step 1. If you already have holes in your tower from previous wiring you can begin by connecting the XM's Quick Release Mount to your tube tower. Place the bottom mount on there first and then the top bracket. *You will also need to connect the matching colored wires together.

Step 2. Use the hardware kit and tighten both of the screws. Once you have done this step you are ready to begin mounting the speaker housing to the Quick Release Mount.

Step 3. On top of the XM series speakers you will see a circular shaped Female bracket that will fit and lock into the Male portion of the Quick Release Mount. Once these are placed together you will want to secure them by tightening the mounting screw that comes in the installation kit. (See image below for an example of what the mounting screw looks like)

Step 4. Repeat steps 1-3 with the remaining tower speakers.

Images courtesy of Exile Audio.

Install Time

Less than 1 hour

Tools Needed

Mounting Hardware & Tool Kit (Included with Speakers)

Drill and drill bit (Only necessary is your tower doesn't have holes for the wiring unit.)

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