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Surf Expo Recap | MISSION Boat Gear

2018 Surf Expo Recap MISSION

The team at MISSION continues to innovate, providing a fresh, new outlook on the products we use every day on the water. MISSION made a splash in the wake industry with their first product, the Delta Universal Wakesurf Device. Their goal is simple: make products that make your days spent on the water more enjoyable.

Excited to see what's in store for 2018, the WakeMAKERS Team stopped by the MISSION booth at Surf Expo to get a first look at the launch of several new products. Founders Mark Bohlig and Kris Clover took us through the product line and as expected, we were blown away. We are excited to share with you two of their products that are surely going to be major hits next summer: the SENTRY Boat Fender and their new XL size REEF Mat.

SENTRY Fender Looks to Make Docking Easier

MISSION Sentry Boat Fender

SENTRY Boat Fender

Their newest project: a redesigned boat fender. Around for decades now, this product has not evolved over the years. While boat shapes and sizes have evolved, the fender has remained that same ‘sausage’ style shape. Simply put, the boat fender needed a complete overhaul to accommodate the needs of modern boats. This is where MISSION’s SENTRY Fender steps into the picture. After extensive R&D, MISSION has changed the game once again with the most advanced boat fender on the market.

Designed to be a better overall fender, the SENTRY can be attached in a matter of seconds and offers far better protection than its the 'sausage style' boat fenders you most likely use on your boat. Its unique shape contours to the shape of modern boat hulls for a better fit. Hanging lower than traditional boat fenders, the SENTRY can hang at an angle that better aligns with the contour of your boat’s hull. This helps to keep the fender from getting caught on top of the deck, making for worry-free docking and mooring. The large opening on the front face allows dock lines to pass through in situations where the fender covers the cleat, keeping the SENTRY aligned properly for maximum protection.


Gone are the days of dealing with the constant hassle of knots in your docking lines. Included with the SENTRY Fender is an extra long strap that makes it easy to loop over higher attachment locations like towers or hand rails. If you don’t need the extra long strap, simply trim the strap to keep things tidy for a clean look. This strap features DRYLINE technology that helps it stay dry and resist mold.

Built of a patented cross-linked closed-cell foam, the SENTRY is extremely durable, doesn’t absorb water, or fade from the sun’s harmful UV rays. An added bonus, it doesn’t contain nasty chemicals like vinyl chloride used in traditional fender, making it far more environmentally friendly.

"This product makes too much sense. Boat fenders have been the same my entire life and MISSION has stepped in to save the day. After watching a product demo from Kris at MISSION, I was impressed at how intuitive and effective these boat fenders are to use. My boat will definitely have a set of these for next summer." -Chad Wiley, WakeMAKERS Team Member

MISSION Sentry Boat Fender Colors

Available in four colors: black, gray, yellow, and blue

Note: expected ship date is January, 2018

Price: $64.00

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New REEF Mat Size is Bigger and Better!


New XL REEF Mat Size

Last year MISSION debuted the REEF Mat and it quickly became one of the trending products of the year. The rigid construction compares to that of an inflatable standup paddle board and cannot be submerged like most mats/inflatables on the market.

The large sized mat was by far more popular but consumers still wanted a bigger REEF Mat so the guys at MISSION delivered. The new XL REEF Mat is 59" wide x 315" long, that is over 50% bigger than the large size. Summer days on the water just got a whole lot better thanks to this huge REEF Mat. At over 26 ft. long there are countless possibilities for you how you use your REEF Mat. Lay out and tan, set up a slip 'n slide, or play a game of cornhole. All your boating friends will be envious when you bust this bad boy out. All mats include a duffle bag for easy storage/transportation as well as a pump. The XL Mat includes an electric pump and a hand pump.

Price: $1,698

Note: expected ship date is January, 2018

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MISSION Making Summer More Fun
In just a couple years MISSION has made a name for themselves in the wakers of industry as makers of fun on the water. From their innovative Delta Wakesurf Device to the head turning REEF Mat, good times are guaranteed when MISSION products are on your boat. Head to WakeMAKERS to check out their full selection of boating gear. MISSION Boat Gear Surf Expo

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