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Surf Expo Recap | Liquid Force

2018 Surf Expo Liquid Force Recap

Known for their relentless innovation, Liquid Force keeps pushing the industry forward and progressing the water sports we love. From building some of the first wakeboards to ever hit the water to being a huge player in making wakesurfing what it is today, Always at the forefront of innovation, their is always lots of hype around their booth.

2018 Liquid Force Wakesurf Surf Expo Upon landing in Orlando for the trade show, we were excited to meet up with our Liquid Force rep Neill and get a first look at the 2018 product line. The near future looks bright as the brand unveiled several new boards and vest styles that are sure to impress. Here is an insider's look at our team's favorite products that we saw at Surf Expo.

The First Strapped Wakesurf Board Brought to Market

2018 Liquid Force Primo With Straps

Liquid Force Primo w/ Straps

Everyone saw the viral wakesurfing videos from Noah Flegel this past summer once he put foot straps on his wakesurf board. It seemed as though every single day he was doing a world's first trick, whether it be a backflip, 720, or some crazy flip/spin variation he coined the "dirty dancer". Unfortunately, the board he was riding was just a prototype and not available to consumers. After seeing the demand for a strapped wakesurf board, Liquid Force unveiled at Surf Expo a new limited edition Primo Wakesurf Board that will be equipped with foot straps.

This board is the exact same Primo shape just a different graphic and screw inserts that allow the foot straps to be removed inserted and removed easily. The Primo is a fun hybrid shape that boasts equal skim and surf style characteristics. An EPS foam core gives it the light, lively feel of a high-performance surfboard while the compression molded outer shell gives it improved durability. The three fin setup gives riders multiple options for how they configure the fins. Use only the rear fin for the most pure skim feel or toss in all three fins for more grip and hold through turns. This limited edition Primo is only $50 more than the original board, it's like two boards in one!

"I have no doubt that this will be the most fun wakesurf board next Summer. The Primo was already one of my favorites and now the foot strap option too! It will be a blast being able to strap in the feet for huge airs, spins, and maybe even some flips. Liquid Force absolutely nailed it with this one." -Chad Wiley, WakeMAKERS Team Member

This limited edition Primo is set to ship next Spring. Only a limited run will be produced. Expecting these boards to be in high demand, these boards will sell quick. Stay tuned for more information on pre-order availability.

Price: $499.99

Harley and Everyone Else is Stoked on Sheila

Unique Sidecut Shape Draws Rave Reviews at Surf Expo

The all-new Sheila was turning heads in the Liquid Force booth thanks to its wildly unique sidecut shape. A first of its kind in wakesurfing, this sort of sidecut has become popular in other sports such as snowboarding and surfing. The result is a playful shape with a quick turning radius while not losing an ounce of speed or responsiveness. It turns on a dime and has a unique feeling under your feet that is unlike any other wakesurf board on the market today.

"This board just screams fun!" - Liquid Force Team Rider Harley Clifford

Sizes: 4' 6" and 4' 10"

Price: $599.99

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El Guapo Más Grande

2018 Liquid Force El Guapo

New, Bigger 5' 6" Size for El Guapo

The El Guapo is a mini longboard style cruiser that is simply too much fun. If you are looking for a welcome addition to your ever expanding surf quiver, look no further. The El Guapo is a must-have for any soul turn specialist. Link some flowy turns, hang ten, and throw out a shaka to all those watching in envy as you surf the endless wave. 2018 Liquid Force El Guapo Wakesurf Board

A huge hit in year one, Liquid Force has unveiled a bigger 5' 6" size that will be better adept for bigger riders and those looking to put some toes on the nose. A more exagerated concave tip in the nose this year further assists riders in dancing their feet towards the front of the board. Even better, an adjustable 6.5" longboard style fin can be moved around to alter the feel and turn radius of the boards. Unlike any other wakesurf board you've rode before, this mini longboard is truly in a league of its own. Guaranteed fun, you will feel like you are catching waves at Malibu.

Sizes: 5' 2" and 5' 6"

Price: $699.99

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Same Great Vests, New Stylish Colorways

2018 Liquid Force Life Jackets and Comp Vests

Each and every summer the Liquid Force vest lineup boasts a fine blend of flotation and fashion. From CGA life jackets to competition style vests, Liquid Force has a well rounded portfolio of vests to suit your needs and budget. Having dialed in cuts and styles that have become popular with boaters everywhere, Liquid Force is keeping those same great vest styles while offering them in new stylish colorways. Below we highlight just a few of our favorites.

2018 Liquid Force Z Cardigan Comp Vest

Z Cardigan Comp Vest

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The same performance you’ve grown to appreciate from the Z Cardigan Comp over the years is back again in several fresh, new colorways for an updated look. Liquid Force’s exclusive 4XS Stretch Foam material is the top secret ingredient that keeps this vest so thin and flexible. Wrapped in their Power-Flex Neoprene, it fits really tight to your body just like it should. Designed for a premier fit, the tapered waist and larger arm openings make it snug while not restricting movement. The front zipper closure allows for a quick entrance/exit. Best of all, the reversible design allows you to flip it inside out for a different look. You get two vests in one!

Along with the color way featured above, the Z Cardigan is also offered in both a black/tan style and tropical print.

Price: $119.99

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Watson CGA Life Jacket

Simply put, CGA life jackets don't ever look this good! Shawn Watson’s signature CGA life jacket is both fashionable and has the necessary flotation to follow the vest regulations on your local lake. A true win-win! The Liquid Force exclusive v-flex shoulder pattern gives it a premium fit and gives the rider full mobility. The 'V' on the lower back portion of the vest allows for riders to fully bend at the waist for those stylish airs and grabs without the life jacket holding them back. Concealed vest straps give it a sleek look that at first glance resembles a comp vest. If you are required to wear a vest while riding in your state, look good doing it in Watson's Liquid Force CGA life jacket.

Price: $129.99

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Hinge Classic CGA Life Jacket

Whether just getting into boating or looking to stock your boat with the required number of coast guard certified life jackets, the Hinge Classic is a great value pick at this entry-level price point. A staple vest in Liquid Force's lineup for years now, this life jacket received a serious makeover and the results are impressive. My oh my does it look good! Three fresh, new color ways allow you to express your personal style on the water.

Functionality wise, Liquid Force keeps it clean and simple with the Hinge Classic. The flex span fabric is smooth to the skin and keeps the vest's weight low for a comfortable feel on the water. Two belt straps make it quick and easy to adjust the fit, accommodating multiple people of various sizes while giving each a truly custom fit.

Price: $59.99

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Check Out The Full 2018 Liquid Force Lineup

After heading to Orlando, it looks like Summer 2018 is going to be the best one yet thanks to the continual innovation from Liquid Force. Make sure to check out the entire selection of Liquid Force at

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