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Supra Swell Surf System Enhances Wakesurf Waves For 2014

Supra is right on time with the new Swell Wakesurf wave enhancing system. The engineering team has created a new device that will not only clean the face of the surf wake but also gives the driver the ability to custom shape it depending on their rider's preference. Just like Malibu's Surf Gate and Nautique's Surf System (NSS) the new Supra Swell also have the convenience of wake to wake transferring without moving ballast.

This new system relies on two laser sculpted 5/16-inch stainless steel blades that are pushed downward. This not only redirects the flow of water but also changes the running surface of the boat's hull dramatically enhancing the wakesurf wave.

The Swell surf system was not just designed to enhance what happens behind the boat but also is a much needed feature for the overall drive-ability when towing a surfer. The system has greatly improved handling and visibility for the driver because of the evenly weighted displacement of the boat's hull. As SkiersChoice put it... The Swell Surf System creates a clean custom shaped wave with the convenience and control at the driver's finger tips. This system will only be available on 2014 Supra SA and SC wakeboard boats right now.

Create bigger surf waves behind your boat...

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