Supra SA550 Wakeboard Boat Features Video

The new Supra SA350 SA450 and SA550 boats have solved long standing issues that many customers have had with SkiersChoice's flag ship line. Watch the video and listen to how Trevor describes his driving experience.

Customers will be very happy with the 900lbs. of sub-floor factory hard tanks that Supra has named Liquid Lead Ballast. This is the first time that SkiersChoice has integrated hard ballast tanks into a boat other than the bow tank offered in the Supra 242. This small amount of weight is a great start to what is needed to surf without the rope. Similar to what Tige has been doing with their Plug & Play System, the Supra SA is delivered with an additional 1,300lbs. of soft sac ballast. The new Flex Ballast system will use Fly High ballast bags and produce waves that we would love to ride.

When we swap the Flex bags out for Custom Supra SA Surf Sacs the wave is like nothing you have seen in the videos. Let's just say it gets massive.

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