Supra and Moomba Factory Jabsco Ballast Puppy Fill Times

Quite a few SkiersChoice owners have asked us how fast the 3rd generation Supra ballast system and Moomba ballast system actually is. Jason from WakeMAKERS developed a kit that is meant to facilitate the DIY customer to give them everything needed to upgrade the 2nd generation Hippo style ballast system to what is currently offered from Supra and Moomba. Is the Supra/Moomba Gravity III Ballast System Upgrade worth the cost?

The latest ballast system which was introduced in 2009 uses a 1" thru-hull fitting that supplies water to a Jabsco ballast puppy pump. The pump them fills and drains a ballast bag using 1" marine hose. The Jabsco Pump is rated at 640 gallons per hour, but because of restrictions in the system is not able to hit that number. To get real world data we needed to see how fast this pump could fill and drain when permanently installed in a boat. The boat in the video is a 2009 Supra 21v. As you can see in the video Doug fills a 5 gallon bucket in about 30 seconds. Since there are 8.3 lbs. of water in a gallon we can determine that the actual fill rate is 83 lbs. of water a minute or 600 gallons per hour.

How fast is your current ballast system? Call wakemakers and discuss options to help decrease fill times and increase the amount of fun you have on the water.

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