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Skylon Vector 8 Wakeboard Tower Speakers - Experience Marine Audio

Skylon Audio Vector 8 wakeboard tower speakers

were engineered using the highest quality materials available in order to deliver a powerful wakeboard tower speaker with unmatched durability and style. Each Skylon Vector 8 is capable directing quality, rich music to the rider regardless of engine noise and water noise. Designed for delivery of music at long distances and combined with Skylon's 360 degree clamps, the Skylon Vector 8 wakeboard tower speaker lets you put the music where you want it most, whether that's chilling on a beach or surfing behind the boat. The bottom line: Durable, stylish, reliable, and produces some of the best quality music your ears will ever hear. The Skylon Vector 8 wakeboard tower speaker changes the game when it comes to marine audio. Shop Skylon Marine Audio»

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