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Tech Tuesday #18: Skylon Wakeboard and Wakesurf Tower Rack Sizing

Wakeboard and Wakesurf tower racks are a great option for boaters that want to keep their gear off the seats and floor of their boat. The benefit to having tower racks is twofold. The first benefit is that tower racks free up extra seating and storage space in your boat and the second benefit is that it protects your board from getting damaged by a wayward foot or closing compartment.

The Skylon tower racks we carry come with CNC'd forks, molded rubber EPDM inserts and a 1/4" marine grade bungee to keeps your boards nice and secure.

Double Wakesurf Racks

The Skylon Double Wakesurf Racks are designed to hold wakesurf and skim style boards securely. Check out our list below of boards that don't fit in Skylon wakesurf racks. All the other boards from Liquid Force, Ronix, and Slingshot will fit in the racks.

*Note: The Ronix Duke Longboard, Slingshot SP and Liquid Force Chase Sixer will not fit in these racks. Buy the Skylon X2 Double Surfboard Rack»

Combination Wakeboard and Wakesurf Racks

Combination Wakeboard and Wakesurf Racks like the Skylon Wakeboard and Wakesurf Combo give you a single fork for wakeboards and one for wakesurf boards. These combination racks are popular because most people have a mix of boards on their boat.

*Note: The 1-1/4" wakeboard fork should fit all wakeboard models.

Buy the Skylon X2 Combo Wake/Surf Racks»

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