Should You Get a Ceramic Coating for Your Boat? Here's What to Know

ceramic coating for boatThe Benefits of a Ceramic Coating for Your Boat

When the saying, "the two best days in a boat owner's life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell it" hits a little too hard, perhaps it is time to consider a ceramic coating. The time, money, and mental load of maintaining your boat is no joke. What if it could be easier? A new hero has emerged in the fight against scratches, UV rays, and other soul-crushing hazards: ceramic coatings!

These chemical polymer solutions create a barrier that keeps your boat's surface safe and sound from the outside world. Not only does this barrier repel water and dirt, but it also adds a shiny, high-gloss finish that will make your boat the envy of the dock. Say goodbye to waxing and hello to a clean, low-maintenance fun machine. In this article, we'll buzz through the science behind ceramic coatings, explore the various types available, touch on the application process, and help you choose the perfect coating for your beloved boat.

The Science Behind Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are made of a chemical polymer solution that creates a hydrophobic barrier between the boat's surface and the outside world. This barrier repels water, dirt, and other contaminants, making the boat much easier to clean and maintain. The solution is composed of SiO2 (silicon dioxide) particles that bond to the surface of the boat at a molecular level, creating a durable protective layer that is resistant to scratches and UV rays.

Types of Ceramic Coatings

There are two main types of ceramic coatings available for boats: professional-grade and consumer-grade. Professional-grade coatings are typically applied by trained professionals (betcha guessed that one) and are designed to provide a long-lasting, durable finish that can withstand the harsh marine environment.

Consumer-grade coatings are available in spray bottles and are designed for easy application by the average human. As you can imagine, these coatings are less durable than professional-grade coatings. However, they are still effective at providing a protective layer for your boat provided you're willing to put in the time.

Application Process

The application process for ceramic coatings can vary depending on the type of coating you choose. Professional-grade coatings require a very thorough cleaning and preparation process before application. They cure extremely hard and can only be removed by wet sanding. Be sure to choose a professional shop that offers a guarantee on their work and has been proven capable of prepping the surface and applying the coating. To be clear: you don't want imperfections buried under a layer of protective polymer that can’t be touched up.

Consumer-grade coatings can be applied directly to the surface of the boat with a simple spray and wipe process. Typically these only last about a year, so while the preparation and application processes are still very important, you won't be left with permanent issues if you mess it up. 

Maintaining Your Ceramic Coating

If you've spent the coin to get a professional ceramic coating, then proper maintenance is key to ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbers and instead use gentle cleansers, such as Boat Bling or Babe's. 


Ceramic coatings offer a durable, long-lasting solution for protecting your boat from the elements. With proper maintenance, a ceramic coating can last for several years and provide a high-gloss finish that enhances your boat's appearance. Be sure to research your options and choose a product and/or professional that will give you the best result. With a little bit of effort, you can enjoy the benefits of a ceramic coating and keep your boat looking incredible for years to come.

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