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WakeMAKERS is pleased to announce the expansion of our wakeboard boat and tower accessory offering. Last season we introduced wakeboard tower speakers and they quickly became one of our most popular categories outside of ballast and propellers. For 2013 we have added wakeboard towers, board racks and tower mirror arms from brands like Skylon Sports, Cipa, Star One (formally Titan Wake), and PTM Edge.

Universal Wakeboard Towers:

Universal wakeboard towers are adjustable usually with a telescoping top section providing the largest spread to fit a variety of beams. These less expensive towers often are available powder coated black or brushed with a anodized finish. Skylon Sports is one of the longest lasting manufacturers of universal boat towers in the United States. Skylon towers are kept in inventory for immediate delivery and installation. Such towers in the line are the Skylon XTreme Classic Skylon Pro XT, and all new Skylon FST Reverse Swoop.

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Custom Wakeboard Towers:

In the past OEM Tower suppliers like Extreme Towers, Titan Wake, Skylon Wake, and Metcraft would offer custom manufactured towers with similar designs to what would have come from the factory on a newer boat. The custom wakeboard tower is considered the pinnacle of quality because of the exact dimensions needed to begin the manufacturing process. This exact fit ensures a very rigid mount designed for a specific boat without adjustments. Star One Wake formally Titan Wake Accessories has recreated the Series II tower which was an OEM product for Malibu Boats. The 2.25" diameter stainless steel tubing and wishbone design make it the most rigid custom tower on the market. We call this new custom offering the Star One Deluxe Wakeboard Tower Polished Stainless Steel.

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Wakeboard & Wakesurf Racks:

Skylon and Starone tower mounted racks will hold multiple boards and are designed to utilize either the vertical 1-7/8″ to 2-3/8″ round tube or the newer OEM towers with predrilled mounting locations. The best rack is that which is designed for simplicity and effectively gets the gear out of a boat and onto the tower. Check out the new Skylon X2 Racks for 2014.

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Tower Mirrors & Mirror Arms:

One of the most important pieces of equipment that a driver can have is a mirror to view the rider behind the boat. Most competition wakeboard boats will come with a mirror mounted to the windshield right above the center walk through area. By relocating the mirror above the driver's head it becomes easier to glance up to view the rider without having to look back or to the side. Tower mounted mirror arms are the easiest way to provide the new vantage point. Since the invention of the wakeboard tower the go to mirror was the Cipa Comp 7x14 because if it's price and effectiveness. Now there are two new designs that have taken the industry by storm. Both the PTM Edge and Cipa Vision 180 feature convex glass for a larger viewing area.

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