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SeaDek CEO Rides WakeMAKERS Nautique Surf System Upgrade

SeaDek Marine has made a huge splash into the wakeboard boat market throughout the last two years. From swim deck pads to full carpet replacement they do it all. I am not sure there is much in a new Nautique G21 that does not have the SeaDek foam on it. They have been able to take the industry by storm by providing a very durable yet desirable product. Long gone are the days of replacing your swim platform pad. The precise size of the closed cell EVA panels insure the best fit every time.

We had the opportunity this season to provide the crew at SeaDek Marine with the best products to get the most amazing wakesurf wave behind their 2013 Super Air Nautique 230. Our goal was to provide them with a solution that was easy to install but also easy to control. We didn't want them to use a throw over the side ballast pump and were able to send a fully compatible ballast upgrade that is controlled using the factory switches at the dash.

We have found that the best option for the newer 230 is to remove the factory hard tanks in the rear compartment and replace them with the 1100lb. Fly High Jumbo Surf Sacs. By removing the hard tank instead of piggy backing on top of it the bag is allowed to reach it's maximum capacity while ensuring that the fill and drain times are the fastest possible. It takes quite a bit of water pressure to fill and drain water through a hard tank and into a ballast bag. The wonderful thing about this project is that the Nautique PiggyBack Rear Factory Ballast Upgrade (2006-2013) will work in both scenarios. By installing our upgrade the SeaDek 230 has more capacity in the rear lockers than what comes in the updated 2014 model with the extra Pro Surf Ballast package.

Adding ballast to the rear corners of the boat will create an awesome big steep wave but the guys at SeaDek wanted the pocket to lengthen out as well. The newer generation SAN 230's have an amazing amount of space underneath the front bow cushions and we have a sac that will optimize every nook and cranny. If you are going to add weight in the stern you must add weight to the bow. By adding the Nautique Piggyback Front Factory Ballast Upgrade (2006-2013) with the Fly High Integrated Bow Sac the system could be easily controlled from the dash just like the rear bags.

This will take that big steep wave and make it a lot more ridable for everyone. By pushing the deepest part of the V hull further into the water the draft behind the boat becomes more compact and provides a mellower surf wave shape. Not only is the face both less steep and cleaner but the pocket also extends out further away from the swim deck. As you can see from the video above the rider can achieve unbelievable distances away from the boat and reel it all the way back in.

For more information on SeaDek products visit their website, WakeMAKERS offers the best Nautique Wakesurf Ballast Upgrades.

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