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Ronix's Fin-S 2.0 Technology

New For 2017, Ronix Introduces Fin-S 2.0 Surf Fin System

Fins play an important role in how a board will ride in the water. For far too long the importance of fins have been neglected in wakesurfing. Both riders and brands are guilty of this. All the innovation in wakesurfing has been elsewhere. New shapes. Innovative board constructions. Wakesurf systems. Aftermarket surf devices. Everyone has ignored the all too important fins. It finally appears that the industry is waking up and realizing their importance.

Whether you attended Surf Expo or just do a good job at keeping a pulse whats happening within wakesurfing, you have surely noticed the influx of brands introducing high-performance fins. An emerging trend for 2017, wakesurfers everywhere will be taking their riding to new levels thanks to the increased performance of these fins. Ronix took it one step further and has introduced an all-new fin system as well as their new high-performance honeycomb fins.


Traditional Plastic Fin vs. New Honeycomb Fins
wakesurf fins old vs. new

These bad boys aren't just for looks (although they look sick!). The new fins are a serious upgrade in performance.

Improvements W/ New Fin-S 2.0 Honeycomb Fins

  • -Faster edge to edge transfers
  • -Less drag through the water for quicker acceleration
  • -Noticeably more speed and drive while initiating turns, carves, and slayshes.


How Does It Work?
how does fin-s 2.0 work

The Fin-S 2.0 system requires no tools and allows a rider to change their fins in a matter of seconds.

Insert: simply insert the fin into the fin box and pull back to lock it into place.

Remove: push forward on the fin to release it from the fin box and now it is free to pull out.

What?! Serious?! It is that easy?! Yes... it is that easy. Changing fins now takes just seconds and requires no tools.


Truly Customize Your Ride With Assorted Sizes and Colors
fin-s 2.0 assorted sizes and colors

In total there are 16 different fins. Now you can truly customize your ride with six fin sizes and five color ways.

Thruster Fins | Available in 5 colors and 5 sizes

4.5" Available in: yellow/black and black/yellow

4.0" Available in: pink/clear and black/black

3.5" Available in: orange/black yellow/black and black/black

3.0" Available in: pink/clear green/black and black/black

2.5" Available in: yellow/black orange/black and black/black

Ramp Fins

1" Available in: yellow/black black/black


Which Ronix Wakesurf Boards Have Fin-S 2.0?

The Fin-S 2.0 surf fin system will come standard on all the 2017 Ronix high-performance wakesurf boards.

See below for full list


Compatibility W/ Older Ronix Wakesurf Boards
Ronix Fin-S 2.0

The Fin-S 2.0 fins are backwards compatible. You can use any of the older style two tab screw-in fins on your 2017 Ronix wakesurf board. However, the fins will not be able work on any boards that don't have the Fin-S 2.0 system.

The future is here. Don't get left behind. Pick up your own 2017 Ronix wakesurf board and feel the Fin-S difference.


wakemakers have more fun on the water

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