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Explore the 2022 Radar Skis & Ronix Wake Products

Welcome to Radar Skis and Ronix Wakeboards for 2022! Follow along on our YouTube and Instagram as we highlight some of our favorite water skis, wakeboards, and surfboards from their lineup all throughout the month of July.

Every summer the WakeMAKERS team gets the opportunity to visit the magical setting of Radar Lake, home to Radar Skis and Ronix Wakeboards. We spend a weekend shredding and learning a thing or two about the coming years lineup, to make sure we can provide our customers with the best possible on water experience on their new Ronix and Radar products. Last summer was no exception with the crew hitting the water on all the new 2022 skis, boards, and surfers!


Ronix continues to strive for the perfect wakesurf board lineup. For 2022, they may have just found it, with an option for every riding style, wave size, and body type. If you haven't looked at a new surfboard from Ronix lately, give them a glance!.

It feels like every year Ronix finds a way to add significant innovation to their wakeboard lineup, and 2022 is certainly no different. From mysterious cores to more comfortable footwear, Ronix is pushing to make wakeboarding more enjoyable, and more accessible. Variety is the spice of life, when was the last time you took a cruise on a wakeboard?

Named after the private water ski lake outside of Seattle that serves as home base, Radar reminds us that waterskiing is a blast! If you haven't picked up ski lately, you owe to yourself to hop on the latest crop from Ronix and experience the joy of ripping across the wake.

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