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2023: Phase 5 Wakesurf Board Favorites

Phase 5 Board Line-Up Brings the Stoke in 2023

We get excited about the annual launch of new designs from our favorite brands and Phase 5 is killing it this year. Everything about the Phase 5 brand is top notch! From their team, to their products, and their commitment to manufacturing in the USA. Drop by the Phase 5 brand page to view all their latest wakesurf boards and accessories. 

Why Should I Ride A Phase 5?

  • All of their boards are handmade in Venice, FL.
  • They've been designing and building surfboards, skimboards and wakesurfers for over 30 years.
  • Rider owned and operated -- the guys that make these boards also ride them.
  • Over 10 World Wakesurfing Titles have been won on Phase 5 boards.

Here's a look at a few of the boards we are excited about in 2023.

2023 Phase 5 MVP Wakesurf Board

Phase 5 MVP Wakesurf Board- $929.00

Get ready to skim the waves with maximum speed and control! The Phase Five MVP Wakesurfer is designed for extreme trick-shredding - featuring a full decked Techno Traction V2 EVA grip pad, nose kick tail support for superior foot leverage when riding revert, plus RidgeGrip technology. This unique rail design by John Akerman stiffens the board giving you an extra edge above the lip. Plus this premium surfboard comes loaded with features like moon tail designs and v-spline contours made from Gatorskin that can take a beating - all topped off perfectly with a 1" Skim Fin setup; get ready to shred your way across any wave in style!

Good to Know: 

  • Medium Board Stability
  • Rider Skill: Advanced (shred the big tricks)

2023 Phase 5 Model X Wakesurf Board

Phase 5 Model X Wakesurf Board - $899.00

Experience the rush of P5's Model X Wakesurf Board! For over 10 years, this classic board has offered confidence-boosting performance to riders of all skill levels. With its full outline and unique single wing swallow tail design plus Phase Five’s trusty Black Carbon material for 2023, you'll be gliding through waves with tons of control - whether cruising or cutting above the lip. Get ready to take your wake surf adventure up a notch with the versatile and reliable Model X.

Good to Know: 

  • High Board Stability
  • Rider Skill: Beginner to Advanced (solid choice for most riders)

2023 Phase 5 Shrimp Wakesurf Board

Phase 5 Shrimp Wakesurf Board - $329.00

Get your little shredders ready for the ultimate wakesurfing adventure! The Phase Five Shrimp Wakesurfer was designed specifically with kids in mind, giving wee surfer-in-training a maneuverable and easy to control board. Its thin skim style core makes it easier than ever to sink below water - perfect for those looking to learn quickly without fear of tipping over right away. Outfitted with an advanced single fin setup plus a 2” Skim Fin, even newbies can gain confidence and feel like pros as they master all their favorite tricks on this super responsive surfboard!

Good to Know: 

  • High Board Stability
  • Each board has a 1 of a kind Graphic
  • Rider Skill: Beginner to Intermediate (kids will love this board)

Which Phase 5 wakesurfer will you try this year? Hit us up with questions or comments! Email: or call: (888) 338-6085


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