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O'Neill Wetsuits, Drysuits, and Wakeboard Vests Just Arrived To The Warehouse

We are very excited to introduce the O'Neill Wetsuit brand to our growing list of partners that support the lifestyle we live at The climate in Central Oregon demands the best when it comes to wetsuits and drysuits. Everyone at our shop has been getting extensive use out of their O'Neill Wetsuits this season. With our ice fed water and brisk air temperatures we have the ultimate testing ground for what works and what does not. If it weren't for the O'Neill Boost Drysuit we would not be able to start riding in March and end in November. Being able to layer clothing under the suit keeps us on the water as long as we can stand being in the boat.

Although the O'Neill brand is known for their neoprene craftsmanship, their vests are industry leaders in both design and safety. The O'Neill Gooru Wakeboard Comp Vest pushed the limited of what was possible in the impact vest market. On the US Coast Guard approved side, O'Neill has been able to built upon the Reactor series year after year tweaking and improving every detail. I have told many friends that there is not a better USCG vest for the money.

For 2014 we are fortunate to deliver the O'Neill Slasher Wakeboard Comp Vest. This is the most technologically advanced wakeboard vest we have ever seen. The new Nytrolite Foam is lighter weight, more buoyant, and absorbs less water meaning O'Neiil can use less foam overall. The Slasher will be the most comfortable impact vest you will wear this season.

If you have any questions about O'Neill Wake products, contact us for a personalized discussion.

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