Carat Down
Back Created To Help Save The Water

No Power Turns Banner, along with some help from CWB pro riders Trevor Hansen and Derek Grasman, has created to help spread the word that a full throttle spin when your rider falls is no good for anyone. Check out the video they put together after the jump for a good explanation of why power turns are a bad thing, especially when you have a boat that is heavily weighted for wakeboarding or wake surfing.

Remember these steps for a power turn free day on the water:

  1. Pull the throttle back to neutral
  2. Wait until the boat is no longer on plane
  3. Turn the wheel and put the throttle in gear
  4. Motor back to your downed rider at idle speed

Following the above instructions will ensure you don't send rollers down the entire lake, and when you have a lot of ballast on board, especially for surfing, it will also prevent water from coming over the bow of the boat.

The only exception is when your rider is in danger. The safety of the person behind the boat is the driver's responsibility, so if you feel like your rider might be injured, or if another boater is bearing down on them, by all means power turn away and get back to protect them.

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