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WakeMAKERS Now Carrying Jet Pilot and Body Glove Vests

WakeMAKERS Adds Body Glove and Jetpilot
New Year. New Brands. New Vests.

WakeMAKERS is excited to announce that starting in 2017 we will now be carrying Jet Pilot and Body Glove vests.

It is our goal to help you have more fun on the water. After all, having the right gear is key to maximum enjoyment on those lake days. We are very excited to bring on Jetpilot and Body Glove, two brands making some of the best vests in wake right now. We are confident that you will be just as excited as we are about these vests once you try one on.

Body Glove
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The Body Glove team is highlighted by Harley Clifford and Bob Soven, both debuting new signature comp vests for 2017. The list doesn't stop there though. From all-time legends like Rusty Malinoski to young gun talents such Noah and Keenan Flegel, the brand has some of the top riders in wake testing and developing their premier comp vests.

Body Glove Wake Team


Jetpilot has been making high-performance vests for watersports enthusiasts since 1986. Fast forward to 2017 and the brand continues to make some of the most fashionable, functional comp vests in wakeboarding. From their classic A-10 comp vest to Shane Bonifay's all-new signature vest, there is sure to be a Jetpilot vest for you.

Jetpilot Wake Team

New year. New you. New vest? Head to, get a new vest, and get ready for more fun on the water.


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