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JD Webb Runs Through The New Nautique G23

I overheard a couple of pro wakeboarders talking about a new Nautique hull a couple years ago. They said the wake was bigger than the MasterCraft X-Star. Although this caught my attention it was nothing that I haven't heard before. Any boat manufacturer could conceivably build a boat that throws a giant, yet ridable wake. The only issue is that the boat would not be drivable thus sellable to the average consumer. Well looks like Correct Craft has figured it out and put me in my place.

There is an amazing amount of storage in the G23 and although I would love to fill it with ballast I honestly an not sure you need it for wakeboarding. I did say wakeboarding. Wakesurfing is an entirely different sport and I am excited to really get this thing dialed to see if we can get an overhead wave behind the boat. Malibu might have the SurfGate but Nautique has ample hull designed for displacement.

Air Nautique Factory Ballast Upgrades

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