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Wakesurfing The 2006 Moomba Outback Direct Drive

"Thank you for your advice last year on weighting the 2006 Moomba Outback for wakesurfing. It was our first year surfing. I ended up picking up the (2) Fly High 750’s, tsunami pump, some extra fitting, hose, clamps & crimp tools. I ran the 750’s in the rear in a L config and moved the factory 400 up into the bow. That was about all the weight it could take, worked great!" Chris...

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We love to to see videos of our customers enjoying their ballast products. Chris has video proof that wakesurfing behind a Moomba ski boat is both possible and fun. Sounds like he has caught the wakesurfing bug because this boat is going to morph into a Moomba Mojo.

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