Moomba Boats Flow Surf System Introduced

Today Moomba Boats introduced the Flow Surf System. Their new wake surf enhancement device will improve the surf wave without having to adjust ballast side to side. Similar to Malibu's surfgate this system will work with the convergence of the wave helping to facilitate more length without interfering with the boat's drivability.

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There are three stages that can be engaged for a wide range of wave shapes. Moomba boat enthusiasts tend to be a diverse and extremely wake sport active bunch. The Flow was designed to enhance the shape of the surf waves behind the Mojo and Mondo when evenly weighted. But another goal of this wave-making apparatus is to shift from a wakeboarding set-up to wake surfing quickly and easily without adjusting ballast.

When deployed to the first position, Flow Surf creates a steep surf wave with fast push even when evenly weighted. The Flow’s second or middle setting mellows the ramp of the wave while increasing its mass and creating consistent momentum. The third stage of Flow Surf takes the characteristics of the second adjustment level and lengthens the wave for surfing sets way off the back of the boat. Move easily between these three wave shape variations by sliding the Flow Surf arm into the desired position on the port or starboard side.


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