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MasterCraft X10 WakeSurf Boat

When MasterCraft redesigned the X-10 hull we immediately knew it would throw a great surf wake. A leader in the industry would not wait for the other brands to R&D hull shapes that would provide a great wakeboard and surf wake. Just as we had assumed MasterCraft nailed it. This new shape provides a nice steep poppy wakeboard wake and when loaded down creates a great wave to surf as well. We found that the Fly High V-Drive Surf Sac set and the Eight.3 PnP 400 lbs. Surf Sacs worked great in the rear lockers and gave us the perfect amount of surf ballast. Since our demo model was equipped with the factory Plug and Play system adding the bags was easy. If you are lucky enough to own one of these boats give us a call and we will go through the best upgrade options with you.

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