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2005-2011 Malibu Super Piggy Back Ballast System Parts List

Malibu Super Piggyback Diagram

The original WakeMakers Malibu Piggy Back Upgrade Kit was designed with both price and ease of installation in mind. The system relies on gravity to drain the water from the soft bag into the hard tank below. This process can be slower than desired for some users.

To speed up the system we have helped customers put together the Malibu Super Piggy back System. By using a dedicated drain pump, the average rate of draining is increased from 50 lbs. of water a minute to around 100 lbs. of water a minute.



Fill - On a standard MLS the fill line runs from the pump to a vented loop anti-siphon valve and down into the hard tank. Insert a 3/4" barbed wye fitting on the tank side after the vented loop. Connect the factory tank fill line and another line to the top of the sac using a W742 fitting. This route will ensure that the hard tank will fill first creating structure before the sac puts a significant amount of weight on the floor above it.Wye Fitting in Fill hose

Drain - At the rear portion of the compartment is a small hatch that covers the factory drain pump that is connected directly to the hard tank. Loosen the clamp and remove the hose from the outlet on the factory drain pump. Connect the drain hose that runs out to the thru-hull in the side of the boat to the directional barb on the second 3/4" wye fitting. Connect the two pumps so that visually the flow is moving toward the single barb in the least restrictive direction. Place the 3/4" thread x 3/4" hose barb fitting on the inlet of the new pump and run a short section of hose to compartment. This will need a W742 fitting on the end to connect to the drain port on the bottom of the ballast bag.

Electrical - Find the brown and black wires off of the drain pump and use the 16 Gauge Splice Tap Connectors to combine the positive and negative leads of both pumps. This will activate the new pump when the switch is activated at the dash. There should be enough room in this location to rest the auxiliary drain pump on top of the factory pump. If there is not place the new pump at the back of the compartment.

Malibu Super Piggy Back Hardware List:

Product Name Unit Price Qty Subtotal
Total Price: $104.00

Hose Barb Wye Fitting Size: 3/4"


Fly High 3/4" Flow-Rite Quick Release Connect W736


Flow Rite 3/4" Elbow Quick Release Connector W742


Ballast Hose - Black Size: 3/4"


Shurflo Piranha 800 GPH Aerator Ballast Pump (Malibu)


Attwood 3/4" Thread x 3/4" Hose Barb Straight Fitting


16 Gauge Splice Tap Connector


Stainless Steel Hose Clamp Size: 3/4"


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