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Liquid Force Wakesurf: Choosing Your Fin Setup


Choosing Your Wakesurf Fin Setup


You did your research and found your new Liquid Force wakesurf board.

The next step is now deciding how to configure the fins on your board. If you're looking for a deeper dive into how fins affect a wakesurf board then check out our article Wakesurf Fins Explained.

Often overlooked, the fins are one of the most important factors in how your board will ride. Changing the fin configuration can drastically change the feel of your board in the water. 

Many wakesurf boards have a fin box setup that allows them to be rode as a single, twin, thruster, or quad. With so many options it can be difficult for riders to decide which fin configuration best suits their style of riding.

Lucky for you, we are here to help! Read below to learn how each fin configuration will affect the feel of your board.


Which Fin Configuration Fits My Riding Style?




Single: a loose feel for spins and aerial maneuvers

The single fin setup is the standard for most skim style boards. The smaller, single fin will provide drive forward on the wake while easily breaking free to perform skim tricks such as surface spins, shuvits, and 180’s.

Recommended for: TC Skim


Twin: a loose surf feel

Using two outside fins will help generate speed and make the board fast down the line. The twin fin setup will provide the grip and control to stay in the sweet spot of the wake while still allowing the rider to break the fins free with ease.

Recommended for: Swami, Rocket


Thruster: speed and control

The three fin setup known as the thruster is the most common configuration seen on surf style wakesurf boards. The thruster setup will give your board the drive to push forward on the wake and grip to make big bottom turns.

Recommended for: Rocket


Quad: fast and loose

A quad fin setup give your board acceleration and speed. You will notice your board can shoot down the line of the wake much quicker than other fin configurations. This will be a slightly looser feel than the thruster setup. The quad is a great choice if you want a fast, playful feel for those huge slashes and airs off the lip of the wake.

Recommended for: Happy Pill»


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