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Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Shane Bonifay Interview

Shane Bonifay was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to chat about his new bloodhound, contest schedule, and the 2014 Shane from Liquid Force. Stay tuned for more Rider Reactions Series where we interview Liquid Force Pro Team Members.

(WakeMAKERS) Where are you right now?

(Shane Bonifay) At home. Clear Lake, Orlando, Florida on my way to Physical Therapy for my ankle in about 20 mins.

(WM) Take us through a day-in-the-life of Shane Bonifay circa 2014.

(SB) Well things can change fast. During the off season it's usually golf with Parks, Marc, Danny or Jimmy and snowboard trips when they can happen but this off season has sucked it's been spent sitting on the couch and going to Physical Therapy for the left ankle.

When it gets warm, and I'm not traveling, really just trying to ride with who ever is around. I have been riding OWC a lot and if not there riding with Jimmy behind his G23. Also filming and shooting when the light's right and there's a new rail or setup.

(WM) What contest are you most excited for this year?

(SB) I am still figuring out the schedule, but I think FISE in France and the Monster Energy Triple Crown should be some really fun ones. Sucks they are not doing Red Bull Wake Open or Wake The Line this year. As of now at least.

(WM) We heard you got a new dog recently? How’s that going?

(SB) It's going awesome he's a bloodhound named blood and he's super chill. Still peeing in the house but I've only had him a week or two so he's learning.

(WM) Who’s a better wakesurfer? You or Parks?

(SB) I'm not really the competitive type of wakesurfer. More the soul surfing type. I like to sit down on it, do coffins, laybacks and I like to ride switch a lot. Not 3s or shuv it's. So I'd say Parks

(WM) How would you describe your 2014 Liquid Force Shane Pro Model wakeboard in one sentence?

(SB) The shape and graphic are a perfect replica to my personality.

Buy the 2014 Liquid Force Shane Hybrid Wakeboard here.

(WM) Are you riding more cable or boat these days?

(SB) I try to ride 50/50 with both but it's probably a little more cable then boat and I am rarely trying to learn new tricks on the boat. My cable riding excelled so much in the last few years and I really have so much fun doing double flips and the contest are more fun.

(WM) In your opinion, what year Shane Bonifay pro model had the best graphic?

(SB) Wow that's tough, I really like this years and the first year I did the subject was cool. The cartoon kid on the street corner of pointless and incomplete.

I had one done by the guys who do lost surf boards and that is awesome. That's the only one I don't have in the collection

(WM) Who has the best style in wakeboarding right now?

(SB) Cable:I think maybe Dominik Hernler

(SB) Boat: I still think Danny Harf is the smoothest.

(WM) Here’s a scenario for you. You only have 3 spots left on your boat, who would you take with you for a morning glass session?

(SB) This is hard because I don't get to ride with a lot of different people and I definitely want to go out on the boat with some of the riders I haven't got to but if it's all about having a good time. Any 3 of this group in no certain order. Danny Harf, Jimmy Lariche, Shawn Watson, Erik Ruck or Parks

(WM) The most underrated wakeboarder right now?

(SB) There's a lot out there. So many new up and comers but my roommate Cody Hess is amazing, dropping double mobes and his determination alone is crazy.

(WM) How’s Orlando treating you? Where are your favorite places to ride in the Orlando area?

(SB) Well some of the time I am out OWC and if not there probably on Clear Lake. Here in another month Kevin Henshaw's permacation park is going to be done and I think I will be out there most of the time.

(WM) What’s your power animal?

(SB) I think it's maybe the bald eagle. I know it's not original but I am pretty f------ patriotic

(WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?

(SB) They have new flavors ever month but right now I like the rehab drinks. And the Sweet Tea and Lemonade flavor of that one

(WM) Any Shoutouts?

(SB) All my sponsors: Liquid Force, Monster Energy, Jetpilot, SPY, Pointless

(WM) Where can we find you online?

(SB) Hopefully more places this year, last year sucked for me. I didn't make a web edit and most of the filming didn't do go to any use. So hopefully on or every other wakeboard website you look at. Like

Thanks guys for the question and time to answer them. -Shane

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