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Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Daniel Grant Interview

Daniel Grant took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about life, gaming, and his favorite Cable Park. He may not be able to drive a car yet, but he's already one of the most talented riders on the planet. Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a Liquid Force Mesh Wet Bag, T-Shirt, and Sticker Pack below.

(WakeMAKERS) Do you have your drivers license yet?

(Daniel Grant) No, have to be 18 in Thailand :( .

(WM) How many air miles have you put in this year?

(DG) Just checked my Tripit account, it's only February, so not much, 26,000, but I am in Australia and Europe in the next month. Since I started travelling for wakeboarding, (4 years), I have done 44 trips, 638 days, 640,000kms, 87 cities, 25 countries.

(WM) When did you start wakeboarding?

(DG) About 8 years ago, I was 8 years old.

(WM) Wakeskating or Wakeboarding? You can only pick one, Daniel.

(DG) I cannot pick one. Sometimes I just wakeskate for weeks on end, then get bored so turn to the wakeboard. Or Vice Versa. I would like to win a stop on The Wakeskate Tour though.

(WM) Bangkok or Phuket?

(DG) Is that a question? Bangkok of course.

(WM) Take us through a typical day in the life of Daniel Grant.

(DG) When home, wake up, grab my motorbike and head to TWP (Thai Wake Park), ride, chill, skateboard, eat, ride. A couple of days a week, I will head to the city, go to the Flow House to ride, skate a bit in the city and hook up with my friends. If it’s a good night, then more chilled the next day (We can game through the night) If I am travelling, which is pretty much 1⁄2 the year, it really depends where I am, but pretty much the same stuff.

(WM) What’s your current cable park wakeboard setup? We’ve seen you riding the FLX and Deluxe this year.

(DG) Since Expo I started on the Liquid Force Super Trip but at the moment with the Liquid Force Deluxe and riding my pro model Deluxe Limited. My full pro-model will be released this year, it will use the TAO name same as my wakeskate (Thai meaning is Turtle) It’s going be something really special ;)

(WM) What’s your favorite cable park contest?

(DG) Definitely King Of Kicker at Thai Wake Park. The competition format is always a bit different every year. We take the good parts of WWA formats but always play around with new ideas. There’s always something special happens in the event.

(WM) What’s your favorite cable park to ride at in the States and what’s your favorite one in the world?

(DG) I would say TSR (Texas Ski Ranch) in the U.S.A and of course my home cable, Thai Wake Park is the best. Parks have to have a good vibe, and both those places are awesome.

(WM) Are we going to see you riding at any boat contests in the near future?

(DG) If you're lucky! Maybe I will try a few wakeskate comps. Lets see.

(WM) Who has the best style in Wakeboarding right now?

(DG) You cannot name one, depends on the format and the event. You see the podium positions are always moving around between riders and there are so many riders that are not competition riders. It’s impossible to name one, but I try to progress my riding of a whole bunch of different riders.

(WM) Who is the most underrated wakeboarder right now?

(DG) My buddy at TWP, Im San (A.K.A Chow).

(WM) Who is the most underrated wakeskater right now?

(DG) I was going to say Clement (Clement Depremonville) but he’s just got voted skater of the year. Right now I would say James Harrington.

(WM) What’s your power animal?

(DG) What does that mean?

(WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?

(DG) Monster Energy Javva Coffee, can that be my power animal?

(WM) Any Shoutouts?

(DG) For sure, all my sponsors. Liquid Force, Obscura, Monster Energy, Spy Optic, Rip Curl, Thai Wakepark, Razer, Sesitec.

(WM) Where can we find you online?

(DG) Yeah my webpage, It links also to my facebook, instagram and twitter page.

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