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Liquid Force Rider Reactions | Bob Soven Interview

Bob Soven took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us about life, shampoo, and his 2014 Pro Model Board from Liquid Force.

(WM) Where are you right now? And what are your travel plans for Spring 2014?
(BS) I’m in my rarest of locations…home. I head to Dubai on Saturday then it’s straight into domestic travel.

(WM) Why the 5-stage rocker on your 2014 BOB and BOB Hybrid? What are the main advantages of a 5-stage rocker compared to a 3-stage or continuous board?
(BS) The 5-stage rocker allows us to put more rocker into the board without having the abrupt 3-stage feel. The B.O.B. goes P.O.P. !
(WM) What do you like about your Open-Toe’d B One? Most higher end pro model bindings are closed-toe?

(BS) My open toe binding is actually based off of closed toe technology; allowing your toes to help control your edge. So, we took that philosophy and ran with it. Cutting off the front part of a closed toe binding and adding the strap above the toes was the most advantageous route for increasing toe control. I like to call it the open closed toe.

(WM) Who’s the funniest pro wakeboarder you’ve ever taken a trip with?
(BS) James Balzer. Hands down, the man is outrageous.

(WM) Shampoo or Shampoo and Conditioner?
(BS) If hygiene and dandruff weren’t a factor, I would only use conditioner. It does wonders for my curls.

(WM) Is risky dancing still a priority for you?
(BS) Ha. Not at all, sorry guys.

(WM) Now that you’ve become a ROTY, how do you top that?
(BS) I don’t, I just ride this out.

(WM) Are you going to ride more boat or cable this year? Do you see wakeboarding going in the direction of obstacles and cable and further away from boat riding? if so, why?
(BS) I see both aspects of the sport sticking it out for the long haul. I don’t necessarily prioritize or separate my boat and cable riding; it’s all just wakeboarding to me.

(WM) What’s your power animal? (BS) Solar Bear

(WM) What’s your favorite Monster Energy Flavor?
(BS) OG baby!

(WM) Any Shoutouts?
(BS) Topanga!!!!!!!

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