Buyer’s Guide: Lift eFoil 3 vs 3F Selection Guide

Whether you've ridden a wake foil or not, the freedom of cruising around your home lake on a Lift eFoil is unmatched! Regardless of your ability level, budget, needs, and even color preference, Lift has an eFoil option for you. Which brings us to one of our most asked questions, which eFoil is best? 

Lift 3 vs. Lift 3F eFoils

To answer that question, let's start with the first key difference in their lineup. Lift offers two eFoil options, the Lift 3, and the Lift 3F. The Lift 3 is their tried-and-true design that gives you hundreds of options to choose from with a lightweight, carbon fiber construction. You can really dial in your setup with 4 board sizes, three colors, two mast sizes, 6 front wings, and 3 rear wings respectably. While the Lift 3F is much more straightforward, giving you only two options for size, color, and front wing, while only offering you a single rear wing option. The other key difference is construction, the 3F is a fiberglass board as apposed to carbon. While it's a slightly heavier material, you still get the same great performance at that ohh so beautiful price point of $8,995 (with the "light battery" option) while the Lift 3 clocks in at $11,995 (with the "light battery" option). Below we have a video talking about the differences, and if you scroll down there's a handy chart showing which features are offered on each model!


Lift 3 eFoil

The Lift 3 eFoil is the flagship model in Lift's lineup and for good reason. With it's numerous options, this offering is designed to give the rider the utmost in customization to fine tune their ride right out of the box. Lightweight carbon throughout the board, mast, and wings make this setup not only light but extremely responsive while out on the water, while the Full Range battery gives you upwards of 100 minutes of ride time so you can cruise across the lake and back with ease. Check out the video below to see what all comes with your Lift 3 eFoil and if it would work for you!

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Lift 3F eFoil

New for 2022, the Lift 3F is their foray into the price point market for eFoils. Clocking in at $8,995, the 3F is a phenomenal bargain for all the performance it offers. With only two board sizes, two wing options, and two colors, the options are a bit slimmed down over the Lift 3. This is in order to keep the price point low and cater to the entry level eFoiler, but the 3F is still compatible with Lift's wide array of components so you can upgrade your setup as you see fit. Really, the largest difference between the Lift 3 and the Lift 3F is in the construction, the 3F features a fiberglass constructed board which adds a bit of weight and has a bit more flex than their traditional carbon offerings. For the average, everyday eFoiler, the differences are negligible and you will have just as much fun on the 3F as you would the 3!

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  Lift 3 Lift 3F
Price Starts at $11,995.00 Starts at $8,995
Board Sizes

4’ 2” Pro
4’ 9” Sport
5’ 2” Cruiser
5’ 9” Explorer

4’ 9”
5’ 4”

Battery Option

Lightweight (up to 60 minutes)

Full Range (up to 100 minutes)

Lightweight (up to 60 minutes)

Full Range (up to 100 minutes)

Mast Options

28” (most versatile)
32” (high bank angle turns)

28” (most versatile)


Full Carbon Fiber Composite

Fiberglass Composite


72 LBS (5’ 4”)

76.5 LBS (5’ 4”)

Max Speed

30 MPH

30 MPH

Colors Matte Carbon Black
Brushed Blue
Brushed White

Sunset Peach

Iceberg Blue

Front Wing 150 Surf v2 (Sport performance)
200 Surf v2 (All around performance)
250 Surf v2 (More stable, great for larger riders)
300 Surf v2 (Ultra Stable, great for new riders)
170 High Aspect (Extremely responsive, high skill)
200 High Aspect (Maximum response, Expert skill)
200 Surf v2 (All around performance)
250 Surf v2 (More stable, great for larger riders)

How-To Set Up Your eFoil

So you decided on which Lift eFoil you want and it arrived at your door, congratulations! Or maybe you're like me and just curious on how you set the thing up if you do buy one. Either way, we have you covered! Take a peak at the video below for a breakdown on how to put an eFoil together whether you have it sitting in your garage, or you're wanting to see how easy it is to assemble one.


Regardless if you buy the Lift 3, Lift 3F, or you're still in the research phase, eFoils are changing the game. It's exciting to see new products hitting the market, whether it's the top of the line full carbon model, or more budget friendly options. Over the next few years eFoils are going to become more prevalent, so if you get the chance, ride a buddies, or pick one up for yourself and experience the feeling of flight!

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