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New Launch Pad Sumo Wakeboard Ballast Pump Is Fast

Launch Pad Sumo Pump: For the 2010 Season, Launch Pad has introduced the NEW Sumo Pump. This high speed ballast pump pairs up with Launch Pad's popular Sumo Ballast Bags using the Link Fitting System. Launch Pad’s spring-loaded Link valve creates a clean, water-tight seal that automatically opens and closes when the Sumo pump is used for filling and draining, eliminating water shooting into the boat. The Sumo Ballast Pump is being touted as one of the most powerful ballast pumps on the market. With a fill rate of 100 pounds in 55 seconds your sacs will be full before you can finish applying your sunscreen. When you want a clean simple to use ballast bag and pump combo check out the Launch Pad Sumo line of products. Launch Pad has a Sumo Sac to fit every storage compartment in your boat. Contact us for any questions you may have about the new Sumo Pump or how to weight your boat for wakesurfing or wakeboarding. Shop Launch Pad Pumps» Shop Launch Pad Ballast Bags»

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