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SALE ALERT: Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump 10-24690-03 Price Drop

It is the time of year when ballast projects are in full swing and we understand that ballast pumps are the most expensive piece of the system. For a limited time we will have the Johnson Ultra Ballast Pumps on sale. This sale will end early if supplies don't last so get your pumps today. Johnson Pumps, the leader in the marine pump industry, developed the Ultra Ballast Pump with one singular goal in mind: to create the best reversible wakeboard ballast pump on the market that will be faster than the industry standard, Jabsco Ballast Puppy Pump.


The pump has to last, plain and simple. Built with ball bearings, a solid bronze pump head, and built-in thermal protection.


The Ultra Ballast Pump out performs all other reversible pumps on the market when it comes to speed, filling and draining at over 720GPH.


The compact size of the Johnson Ultra Ballast pump opens a world of possibilities for system design and integration, without using valuable storage space.

Based on our experience with the Ultra Ballast, Johnson has certainly succeeded. Whether for use in a new automated ballast system installation, or to upgrade the pumps in an existing system for faster fill and drain times, the Ultra Ballast Pump delivers. The same connections as Jabsco's Ballast Puppy makes the Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump a direct replacement in late model Centurion, Mastercraft, Moomba, Supra wakeboard boats.

If you have questions about the Johnson Ultra Ballast Pump and whether or not it is applicable for your situation, Buy the Johnson Ultra Ballast Impeller Pump »

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