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Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump Now Available At

A True Game-Changer For Integrated Ballast Systems

Boat owners have been asking us for a faster fill/drain solution for their reversible ballast pump systems for several years now. We finally have the answer you all have been waiting for: The Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump.

This is Jabsco's newest reversible pump and is able to fill/drain ballast bags at over 120 pounds of water per minute. That's over 50% faster than it's predecessor, the Jabsco Ballast Puppy. At 960GPH, this is the fastest reversible pump on the market. Whether you are looking to install an integrated ballast system to your factor ballast or upgrade your current system, the Jabsco Ballast King is the ultimate high-performance reversible pump. This is an excellent upgrade option for boat owners currently running the Jabsco Ballast Puppy Reversible Pump who are looking to get the most out of their integrated ballast system.

The Jabsco Ballast Puppy comes pre-loaded with the latest and best impeller that Jabsco offers: the purple impeller. The purple nitrile premium impeller offers increased speeds, improved durability and more reliable operation.

The versatile design of the Ballast King pump head features integrated hose barbs for use with 1" hose. Additionally, 1/2" NPT female connections are provided for use with smaller hose. We recommend using 1" hose in order to fully optimize the pumps speed.

The Jabsco Ballast King has already replaced the Ballast Puppy as the preferred pump by top boat manufacturers. Mastercraft, Nautique, Supra, and Moomba have all upgraded to the Jabsco Ballast King in their factory installed full-automated ballast systems for 2016 models.

Jabsco Ballast King Reversible Pump Specs

Inlet/Outlet: 1" Hose Barb and 1/2" NPT Internal Thread

Voltage/Max Current Draw: 12 Volt DC, 19 Amps (Recommended Fuse Size: 25 or 30 Amp)

Capacity: 960 GPH

Impeller Color: Purple

Self-priming: Yes

Safety Features: Ignition Protected

Warranty: 1 year


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