Introducing Complete Ballast System Install Kits

If you've been searching for a simple way to add an automated ballast system to your boat, then we've got good news for you! Based on requests from our customers we're happy to introduce our new Complete Wakeboard Ballast Systems, which combine everything you need to install an automated ballast system into one package. Just purchase a kit for each WakeMAKERS ballast bag you want to automate and you'll be ready to go. Don't already have ballast bags? We can help you out there too, we just don't include them by default you have the flexibility to purchase the perfect bag for your application.

This is the first in a line of products designed to make integrated ballast easier to buy, install and use, so stay tuned for more information. And if you have questions or need assistance contact a ballast expert and we'll be happy to help. Complete Impeller Pump Ballast Kit

Starting at $499.99

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