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Introducing Launch Pad Ballast Bags and Ballast Fittings

logo-sumo-sac We're proud to announce the availability of Straight Line Sumo Sac Ballast Bags and Ballast Fittings. We have had a lot of customers requesting Straight Line's new ballast products, and with the addition of their LINK adapter fittings which make it possible to integrate sacs into almost any system, the versatile Launch Pad products are sure to be popular.

Straight Line LINK x 3/4Straight Line LINK x 1.1

Launch Pad's new line of adapters allows their LINK equipped ballast bags to be used in many new applications. From integrated ballast systems, to factory add-ons, the 3/4" threaded adapter and 1.1" hose barb adapter allow for a multitude of different system configurations.

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