Polish Your Pump to Speed Up Your Ballast System

We talk to a lot of customers that wish their Jabsco Ballast Puppy Pumps were faster. Whether the pumps came in the factory ballast system installed in their new boat (as is the case with Centurion, Mastercraft, Moomba, Nautique, Supra and others), or if they were installed as part of an aftermarket ballast system, more speed is a universal request. The quickest and easiest upgrade is to simply install our Jabsco Premium Green Nitrile Impeller, but if that's already been done, what else can be changed to speed things up?

Well, if you're willing to put in a little elbow grease, you can polish the inside of the pump housing which will help to reduce friction between the pump itself and the impeller that's loaded into it. Any reduction in friction will reduce the amount of work the pump has to do just to spin the impeller, which will therefore make it more efficient at pumping water.

It's a small upgrade that only takes a few minutes to perform, and can be done using a standard metal polishing compound available at any auto parts store. If you have multiple pumps in the boat, you'll probably want to enlist the help of a Dremel or other rotary tool to speed up the process.

Below are images of the finished product thanks to one of our customers, so take a look at what faster pumps look like.

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