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Free Shipping on All Props!

Customer service has always been our #1 priority here at WakeShops and we're always trying to think of ways to make the customer's shopping experience more enjoyable. Well FREE SHIPPING on all prop orders just seemed like a no brainer.

How many of us have been shopping online trying to find the best deal on something only to get all the way to the check out page to see the savings you spent all that time trying to find eaten up by shipping costs. Exactly, we hate it just as much as you do, which is why we've gone ahead and made the executive decision that from now on all prop orders will qualify for free shipping within the continental United States!

Gone are the days of searching high and low online for the best deal. Gone are trying to factor in shipping prices to your budget. Gone are trying to find the perfect prop at one of your local boat and propeller dealers. We've got the knowledge and the prices to get you the prop you need.

If you've ever been unhappy with your boat's performance, wait till you see what a difference a new prop can make. And with free shipping, there's never been a better time to check one out!

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