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Fly High Introduces Two New Wakeboard Ballast Fittings

Fly High has introduced two new fittings for the upcoming wakeboard season that will expand there industry leading offering, and will ensure their Pro X Series wakeboard ballast bags continue to be the most versatile products on the market for weighting wakeboard boats. In an effort to make using their wakeboard ballast products even easier, Fly High has introduced two new fittings that expand the functionality and convenience of their Pro X Series Fat Sacs ballast products. Fly High 1" Flow Rite Quick Release 1" Hose Barb W748 Fitting Perfect for making quick release connections using 1" hose, the W748 fitting makes it easy to install a ballast bag that can be removed and allow the rest of the ballast system to still work. Fly High W748 Hose Barb Fitting Buy The W748 Quick Release Fitting>> Fly High Air Release Ballast Bag Plug W749 Fitting The Air Release bag plug is designed to answer the ever present question of how to vent a ballast bag while filling it using a simple and efficient solution. Rather than a complicated valving system, the Air Release wakeboard ballast bag plug features no moving parts, and is as functional as it is simple. To alleviate access pressure while filling, and to vent air trapped in the ballast bag to maximize capacity, simply loosen the Air Release Wally Plug slightly to activate the vent channels built into the site side of the fitting. Air will be released from the bag in a controlled manor until minimal air remains. Then simply tighten the plug again and you're ready to go with a leak-proof seal and the most water you can possibly get into the bag.

Fly High Air Release Bag Plug W749

Buy The W749 Air Release Ballast Plug Fitting>> If you have questions about the W748 or W749 wakeboard ballast fittings from Fly High, or any other wakeboard ballast fittings, feel free to give a wakeboard ballast expert a call toll-free at (888) 338-6085, or send us an email.

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