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Exile Buoy Ball Fender | Video

Exile's Balls from WakeWorld on Vimeo.

The Exile Buoy Ball Fender is a multi-talented tool that excels at keeping your boat and your children entertained on and off the water.

Dave Williams (WakeWorld) let his kids test out the Exile Buoy Ball Fenders to see just how durable they are. They took the fenders through a series of highly scientific tests and concluded that the Exile Buoy Ball Fenders not only keep your boat protected, but they make an awesome toy for kids of all ages.

Technical Specs

  • Designed to tie your boat up with your friends boat safely
  • Designed to take a beating (see below video for proof)
  • Features Heavy-Duty Seamless Construction
  • Made from Injection Molded 34mm Construction
  • Fully inflates to 18"

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