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Eight.3 Debuts Blade Wakesurf Shaper, Newest Suction Cup Device

Eight.3 Blade 138 Wakesurf Shaper
Eight.3 Releases Blade Wakesurf Shaper, Their First Suction Cup Wakesurf Device

The Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper was the first aftermarket wakesurf device to hit the market and the results were impressive. This wakesurf device brought new, innovative wake shaping technology to older boats. It allowed wakesurfers everywhere to achieve that surf wave they've always dreamed of without having to buy a new boat.

The previous Wakesurf Shaper products have all used velcro adhesive to mount to the boat. Although not ideal, boaters put up with it because the results were so impressive. That all changed though when the suction cup products started hitting the market. Boaters obviously started preferring the suction cup adhesive over velcro.

Knowing that they needed a suction cup offering, Eight.3 went back to the drawing board. Their team of product development experts knocked it out of the park with the Blade. This new suction cup device delivers the same great wave transformation technology that made the Wakesurf Shaper a huge hit in the first place. Nice work Ronix!

Watch the video below to get a first look at the new Eight.3 Blade Wakesurf Shaper and all the major improvements.

Price: $399.99

This product is sure to be a huge hit and one of the top new products for Summer 2018. If you have any questions on this product or just dialing in your wakesurf wave in general, our team of product experts are here to help you out.

WakeMAKERS Customer Support Team

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