Tech Tuesday #3: Eight.3 Telescoping Ballast Bag/Pump System Explained

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Eight.3 Ballast Pump Automated System Integration

A lot of boat owners have inquired about obtaining the amazingly fast speeds of the Eight.3 ballast system but also demand the convenience of automation. At this point in time there is no way to integrate the Eight.3 3000 GPH or Eight.3 3700 GPH pumps due to the lack of a threaded intake port.

We are working closely with Rule to source an adapter or entirely new high capacity ballast pump specifically for this application. Another problem we will need to solve is the massive reduction in speed based on the vertical rise of the fill hose. When filling a bag the rise is around 25” but the rise from a bilge compartment intake up to the rear storage locker can be as much as 40”. The static head pressure can cause a reduction in the flow rate by up to 50%. Any gains that were obtained by the larger capacity pump and hose are quickly voided.

How-to Fill Ronix Eight.3 Telescoping Ballast Bags

Ronix Telescoping ballast bags fill essentially the same as any other wakeboard ballast bag and portable pump system; secure the fill hose connection from the pump to the port on the top of the bag and plug in the pump. There is a built in check valve to help eliminate water from coming out of the bag when overfilled. *Because the Eight.3 pumps are much larger and heavier than other pumps make sure to hold on to it after you throw in over the side of the boat so it doesn't sink.

How to Drain the Ronix Eight.3 Telescoping Ballast Bags

The big difference between Eight.3 and other ballast bags comes in during the draining process. The Eight.3 3700GPH Submersible Pump is over 2x faster than anything else on the market and because of this the pump is also much larger. A built in telescoping port is necessary in order to fit the 3000GPH and 3700GPH pumps.

To drain the bag start by pulling the velcro top cover away from the port area. Once you have done this, pull the port as high as it will go and unzip the telescoping chamber. Once you are ready to drain the bag, drop the submersible pump into the port and plug in the cigarette lighter.

The Eight.3 Submersible Pumps are designed to work specifically with the 400, 800, and 1100lb. Telescope CTN Bags. The unique telescoping dry chamber gives you enough space to easily drop the Submersible Pump and it eliminates priming. *When the bag is almost empty you may need to grab one side and gently lift it up to pool the remaining water to the pump side of the bag.

Is it really that fast?

We've also been getting this question quite a bit from customers, so we thought we would make a video to show everyone just how fast Eight.3 is. The first week we got the Eight.3 Bags in from Ronix we decided to speed test them versus a Fly High Bag and Tsunami Pump to see just how much faster it is.

Watch the Eight.3 Ballast Bag and Pump in action against a Fly High Bag and Pump.

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