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COVID-19 Status Update - We're Here To Help You Have Fun!

Last Updated 3/30/2020

Everyone is being overwhelmed with "updates" regarding COVID-19 and how that is impacting our daily lives. With that in mind, I wanted to take a minute to address common questions our customers are asking us. At the bottom of this article, I'll address some of the steps we are taking to mitigate things for our team.

WakeMAKERS was started over a decade ago on the premise that we wanted to help make it easy for our customers, friends and family to have fun on the water. Now more than ever that mission remains true, and we're doing what we can to help make sure we can provide assistance and solutions to help you and your family have fun on the water, while still remaining safe.

Q: Are you open? A: Yes, we are currently open and available to help customers have fun. Our team of Product Experts are currently available to provide assistance via phone, email or chat. Reach out and we'll get a response back to you.

Q: Are you shipping orders? A: Yes, at this time both of our facilities are operational and fulfilling orders. Things are changing rapidly, and we are ensuring that we follow any guidance issued by the state and local government. Additionally, we are dependent upon our partners, like UPS and USPS, so if they experience disruptions in their networks, that can lead to service delays for us. As of right now though, we have not experienced any disruptions in our delivery times.

In terms of safety for our team, partners and customers, we have implemented a number of safety protocols based on best practices as advised by the CDC:

  • Socially Isolate: For any of our team members that can, we have them working remotely so they can maintain distance and isolation.
  • Maintain Distance: We have implemented the same social distancing guidelines everyone else has, and have designated specific team members to make sure we adhere to those standards.
  • Clean Hands & Don't Touch Your Face: COVID-19 is primarily passed by close proximity interaction with someone that is infected, and direct contact with the face. We're all working hard to keep our hands clean and to not touch our faces.

We'll keep this content updated as things evolve, but for now, trust that WakeMAKERS remains your ally in having fun!

Stay healthy and positive,

Jason Craveiro

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