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Exclusive CustomFit Ballast Bag For Centurion Avalanche Boats Available Now!

Our latest CustomFit bag is a surf specific monster for use in the Centurion Avalanche. Since this bag fits on the port side of the boat it will work on both C4 and standard Avalanches (we have bags for the starboard side of both models, contact us for more info). With a rating of nearly 1400 pounds, this bag completely fills all of the available space in the rear locker and under the port seats for the best possible surf experience.

Once filled you have the ability to build a fantastic surf wake, regardless of how many people you have out on the boat with you, and the bag is completely hidden in use so it doesn't take up any additional seating in the boat.

Can be combined with our Centurion TankBuster Factory Ballast Upgrade, filled and drained with a portable ballast pump, integrated into a fully automated ballast, or any combination of the three. This bag is also compatible with WakeMAKERS's Exclusive X-Link system for the fastest filling and draining possible, contact us for more information.

Have more fun surfing behind your Centurion Avalanche this summer, we'll make sure you have the perfect wake, so you can enjoy a hassle free surf experience. No one has more experience weighting Centurion boats for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

Our CustomFit ballast bags for the Centurion Avalanche are $813.85, hold a maximum of 1,390 pounds of water, and come ready to install so you can spend more time on the water. If you would like to purchase this bag, please contact a ballast expert.

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