Buyer's Guide: O'Neill Boost Drysuit

O'Neill Boost Drysuit Buyer's Guide

Based in the Pacific Northwest, our boating season is short. Looking to start riding earlier in the spring or later into the fall, the WakeMAKERS team counts on the O'Neill Boost Drysuit to stay warm even in frigid water temps. Cold water riding can be equally enjoyable when you are equipped with the correct gear. Continue reading to learn about why you should wear a drysuit and what makes the O'Neill Boost far and above the best one on the market.

The O'Neill Boost is hands down the best-selling wakeboard and waterski drysuit on the market right now. There are several main reasons why the Boost is the preferred cold water gear of riders everywhere. The number one reason is that you stay completely dry, unlike a westsuit. This allows the rider to layer up underneath the drysuit with your base or mid layer clothing. Ride as long as your heart desires and get back on the boat completely dry. The next big reason is the amazing dexterity and full freedom of movement. The Boost's material has a baggy fit that allows the rider to move freely without being inhibited. Another key perk is the sharing ability, allowing multiple riders on the boat to use the same drysuit. Nobody wants to be the second person to use a wet and cold wetsuit. Being the second or third or fourth person to ride in the drysuit that day is no problem. The inside stays totally dry and easy adjustability makes it simple to customize the fit for each rider. Next, we discuss the Boost's key features.

O'Neill Boost Drysuit 'Tech Details'

Oneill Boost Drysuit

Three Layer Full Nylon Ripstop Material

Extremely durable and 100% waterproof, the O’Neill Boost is built to perform and last many years thanks to its trilaminate full nylon ripstop material. The latex on the seals of the drysuit are twice as thick as competitor’s drysuits, ensuring a watertight seal around your hands and feet.

O’Neill Boost Drysuit

Heavy Duty Back Zipper

Getting in and out of the O’Neill Boost is no problem thanks to the heavy duty zipper on the back of the drysuit. This design is far more popular than a chest zipper as it stays out of the way while riding and provides greater mobility. It is possible to zip/unzip by yourself but we recommend having a friend help out.

O’Neill Boost Drysuit

Fully Integrated Suspenders

The fully integrated suspenders on the O’Neill Boost make adjusting the overall fit a quick, easy process. Layer up under the O’Neill Boost Drysuit with your favorite cold water riding gear to stay warm and ride longer.

Order Yours Today and Extend Your Season

Stay warm, stay dry, and stay comfortable in the O'Neill Boost. Click on the photo to order your very own.

O'Neill Boost Drysuit

O'Neill Drysuit Size Chart

Refer to the following size chart below to find your right size. We recommend using a cloth tape measure to measure your waist and chest. The drysuit's suspenders make it easy to adjust the overall fit for a customized fit to your body.

O'Neill Boost Drysuit Size Chart

Standard 1 Year Warranty

The O'Neill Boost Drysuit also features one of the best warranties in the water sports neoprene category. The Limited 1-Year Warranty covers all manufacturer defects. If you have any issues with your drysuit within the first 365 days O'Neill will gladly repair the defect or replace the drysuit free of charge.

O'Neill Drysuit Accessories

The O'Neill Boost will keep the main core of your body warm and dry but if the water is cold enough that you need a drysuit, you also need neoprene accessories to cover up your extremities. WakeMAKERS has a full selection of neoprene hoods, gloves, and booties to make sure your cold water riding is as enjoyable as a warm summer day.

O'Neill Wetsuit Accessories

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