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Axis Wake A22 and A20 Plug N' Play Bow Ballast Install

2009-2012 Axis Wake Plug and Play Bow Bag Ballast Kit

Parts Required: (1) Straight Line Axis Bow Ballast Bag (2) Straight Line 1" NPT x 3/4" Flow Rite Fitting (2) Flow-Rite Quick Connect Elbow Fitting W742 (1) Flow-Rite Quick Connect Straight Fitting W740 Axis Bow Ballast Installation Instructions:

1. Under the front seat cushion are three 3/4" hoses connected to a Wye fitting. The fill, drain, and vent lines are tied together from the factory to prevent filling the bow storage area with water if the pump is mistakenly turned on. Loosen the hose clamps and pull the hoses off of the "Y" fitting.

  • Vent: The vent line is the most forward hose that runs into the compartment from under the drivers helm.
  • Fill: The fill hose will have a Jabsco or other brand check valve inline. The check valve is in place to prevent passive filling and draining.
  • Drain: The drain line will come from the same hole in the floor.

2. Unfold the Axis bow sac to make sure the necessary Fly High W736 fittings are glued into the three ports by the manufacturer. Stuff the sac into the compartment and pull the rear part of the sac toward the cockpit so that the hoses will easily reach.

3. The Axis Plug N Play Bow Sac uses gravity to move water down to the drain pump that is located under the floor. For this reason the least amount of extra hose between the bag and the pump will allow the pump to prime faster which will produce the fastest drain times. In most cases there are one to two extra feet of hose (Scrap hose can be used in the rear bag installation). Leave enough line to easily connect the hose to the bottom port on the bag.

4. Connect one Fly High Flow-Rite Quick Connect Elbow Fitting W742 to the vent hose and another to the fill hose and fasten them securely using the hose clamps from the original "Y" fitting as seen in the picture below. Both connections on top of the bag need to use an elbow fitting to eliminate the hose from kinking when the sac is full. Connect both fittings to the bag by sliding the red collar up to fit the black fitting over the gray fitting and then slide the red collar back down to lock it into place. Now connect the remaining Fly High Flow-Rite Quick Connect Straight Fitting W740 to the drain hose that has been cut down. Secure the connection using your remaining 3/4" stainless steel hose clamp. Connect the straight black fitting to the gray fitting on the bottom of the bag.

Congrats! You've FINISHED the Axis A20 or A22 Bow Ballast Upgrade Installation

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