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Learn How Acme Propellers are Manufactured

Acme Marine is the number one inboard propeller manufacturer in the world. All Acme Propellers purchased from WakeProps are engineered, manufactured, inspected and shipped directly from our warehouse in Lake Oswego, OR. The best prop for each specific make and model of a boat is easy to find using our Prop Finder Tool. Discover the true performance potential of your wakeboard or wakesurf boat when loaded with ballast bags.

Acme’s CNC process is the most accurate method for consistently producing propellers to the correct diameter, pitch and cup creating the perfect power to get the most out of your inboard boat. Acme Propellers are pushing the industry to discover the true performance potential of such a simple upgrade directly out of the box.

Acme Prop Specs and Benefits:

  • 100% CNC Accuracy & Consistency
  • Revolutionary Performance
  • Exceptionally Smooth Operation
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A.
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