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How-To: 360 on a Wakesurf Board

How-To: 360 on a Wakesurf Board

Throwing down a 360 is a right of passage for every wakesurfer, but it’s not always as easy as pros like Austin Keen and Noah Flegel make it look. That’s why we created this guide - to help you master the spin and add it to your bag of tricks.

The Fundamentals

The Board: First things first, make sure you are on a skim style board, or at least a surf style board with small fins so you can easily break the board free when initiating the spin.

The Wave: You need a big enough wave with a solid amount of push in order to 360 and catch the wave again to continue your ride. Remember, it doesn’t count as a real 360 unless you ride it out at the end.


Start as far back in the wave as possible. This will allow you to gain speed and momentum as you carve up the line of the wave prior to initiating your 360. We recommend staying in a crouched, athletic stance as you head into your 360.

Pro Tip: We recommend surfing around the wave for a while so you can get the feel for it before you get ready to 360. Every wave is different and even your own boat can produce a different wave each time you go out due to a few factors (seating, ballast, fuel, coolers).

Initiating The Spin

Carve into the wave and use your back-hand to help spin the board once you’ve reached close to the peak of the wave. Shift some of your weight to your front foot when the tail of the board is facing towards the boat to help your fin/s break free at the back of the board and prevent your board from diving into the wave.

Stomping the 360 and Riding Out

Once you are ¾ of the way through your spin you’ll want to make sure you continue to stay in a crouched position in order to maintain your speed and catch the wave once you’ve finished your spin. Use your hand again as a rudder to slow down your spin and then pump the board as soon as you are facing the boat again.

Once you’ve got 360’s down it’s time to master the next trick on your list.

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